About Us


       I-SWIM ,founded 2008, is a research and development, production and sales of integratedt company,We focused on customer needs to continuous innovation, open cooperation with partners.



   In smart phone, feature phone and tablet build end-to-end solutions. Continuously improving customer experience, to crate maxmum value for customers.


       I-SWIM  Is a recognized OEM/ODM manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of Andriod mobile phone, touch screen mobile Phone, qwerty mobile phone, normal mobile phone, witha factory in shenzhen.Every product we produce is treated with the spirit of craftsmen to ensure that Made in China can shine alone in any country.




        I-SWIM has kept providing the best service and mobile phone for all customers from theworld, Grasping customer needs, precision manufacturing, fine production, high quality products is our pursuit of perfection, but also to let the world know our best way. sales network spreading to south american, asia, europe. wekeep our purposeof looking for every top coustomer from each countries.



     Everyone has a mobile phone. Whether it is windy or rainy, whether it is poverty or wealth, it is always inseparable from us. Let us see the beauty of this world, let love have no distance.every beautiful moment we want to retain, but we can't catch up with the black hole, we can only record this moment, and always hold it in our hands ,until forever.